You don’t belong here.

I hear the voices in my head chatter incessantly about that reality as I wander from place to place.

Feeling misunderstood is not foreign to me and I am guessing that many other people aren’t strangers to it either. The people who actually “get you” are very few and far between and you are often too averse and incongruent to ever fit in with the rest of the population.

You weren’t made for everyone obviously, yet I would find myself asking “What’s wrong with us Zothile?” I would start feeling like I’m the problem based on the vast difference between me and majority of the people around me.

Right back to, “If you don’t belong, don’t be long.”

Think of it in terms of diffusion: the net movement of particles from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration down a diffusion gradient. For example; you may be “you” but when heavily surrounded by people who think you’re “a little much” and don’t embrace you and you differences you may lose a piece of who you are, their inability to understand you shown by the condemnation you received makes the diffusion gradient very steep. At that rate what will there be left of you if you are forced to constantly make alterations and extentions?.

Find people composed of the same values and traits, find people who complement your existence, find those who will accept or have a semblance of accepting you for you. Eliminate the “diffusion gradient” and you will never be at a loss. No need for that facade anymore.