I am guessing we all were quite content with the images we saw before us in the mirror before throngs of insults were flung in our direction, the words that robbed us of  joy and left us feeling pangs of inadequacy.
Well if you were not. Blessed art thou.
I spoke to different people and I posed the question, “Weren’t you happier and less insecure before you people fired shots in your direction about your ‘flaws’?” The answer I got from everyone was a “yes”, I even asked myself that question and I found myself agreeing one hundred percent. I am basically trying to emphasize that no one ever found an error or problem with themselves until someone rushed over to them and told them something was wrong with them.
But I am here to tell you “Dear Child” that you were fearfully and wonderfully made. It is an injustice to feel like any less of a person on the basis of people’s opinions. There will always be a person or people to say something unsavoury but that is alright. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is what God has to say about the content of your character and what you have to say about yourself.
You have been ushered into my poem, “Dear Child.”

The stars knelt down to kiss your face
The heavens held you in their embrace
You were donned in beauty and seasoned by grace
Imperfection? There wasn’t a trace.
Now that you are here on earth
You deeply rue the day of your birth.
And why, when God has a plan for you
To think less of yourself, you’d be a fool.
But I understand, I’ve been there before
When you’re constantly fighting battles, waging wars-
Both in your mind and with the world at large,
The people who are hell-bent on believing they’re in charge
Of where you are going and who you are,
But my dear, you were kissed by the stars.
A vision of beauty so bright and clear
Was all there was when you were near,
The darkness cried mercy, it had much to fear
A prized possession, powerful weapon you are my dear.
Ready to fire they came with blazing guns,
Finding flaws were there were none.
They became the air you breathe,
They compromised your sight, you couldn’t see
They picked you apart limb from limb,
Cloaked your light in darkness, it was ever so dim.

It is not too late, you can turn things around.
Remember that in grace and beauty you were crowned.
Hold on to it forever, let in your mind be set
Brace yourself for how difficult it may get.
Any wick of light and any remnants of joy
Are in this world, made null and void
The stars though, still expect you to shine
So go on and do just that dear child.