We cause ourselves great sorrow by staying in places where we don’t particularly fit in. 

Allow me to use an analogy.

Enzymes are specific. They require a specific pH and temperature to catalyse reactions. Imagine you’re Enzyme X and off you go to be in the presence of Enzyme Y. In the midst of Enzyme Y there could be a different environment, a change in temperature and pH and as a result you could get denatured (destroyed) because yeah, enzymes are very picky.

Basically what I am trying to say is that as we journey on through this wonderful mess called life we may encounter people whom we so desperately want to be associated with but there’s a possibility we just don’t belong with them.

If you don’t belong, don’t be long. Do not stick around long enough for your feelings to be hurt. Move on. Keep walking.

Enzyme X
I have been there, many times.The mind boggling thing is that I stayed there knowing very well that my presence was not desired. As a result I got frustrated and downright sad. If you’ve been there I’m guessing it wasn’t a secret either, deep down you knew that you didn’t belong there, but being the clever creatures we are, we held on.

Very expectantly I’d approach the individuals, the groups, the situations and “Surprise Surprise” rejection came like a slap in the face. Well not really, I saw it coming, but the pain and the disappointment never ceased or eased despite the number of occurrences.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Instead of being the Zothile in the situation, make like Elsa and “Let it Go”. Walk away and “Don’t be long.” I urge you, do not carry that unnecessary burden on your shoulders, do not lose a wink of sleep over it. They don’t like you? They do not accept you? Isssssokay (It’s okay) you weren’t made for everyone.

Another reason why you should just simply walk away is that you’ll go emotionally bankrupt. There’s only so much attention, compassion and love you can give and if you are constantly going out of your way for people who are not phased by your existence there will barely be enough for those who have genuine concern for you. You will be neglecting those who actually have your back.