plush-design-studio-94Ld_MtIUf0-unsplashI’ve had the pleasure of being present for a lot of deep meaningful conversations where people tackle a lot of the problems we face daily or at some part of our journey; they’ve been academic, psychological and even spiritual.

From basic things such as; how to move from a U to a pass in A level Literature, then to much bigger deals: how to deal with pain, how to deal with anger and resentment and how to strengthen your faith and build your relationship with God.

I’ve talked about such things, perhaps you have too and in the discussion people chipped in and brought about excellent points that could really help you to get to your goal if you applied them to your current situation. In the group or even one-on-one conversation the scene could even be that of the audience of a motivational speaker or the hearers of an inspirational audio.

You see hope in people’s eyes, some are nodding, some are taking notes. The atmosphere is not static anymore you can feel the determination in the air, if the audience were cars that were lined up – their engines would be revving, they are ready to go! To read their Bibles, to stick to their study routine, to actually evaluate and process their feelings rather than primitively lashing out-

Am I the only one who has experienced this? Where one of the people contributing to the conversation, it could even be YOU for that matter, says these dreadful words, “Its easier said than done.”

Bursting everyone’s bubbles with that adage. The atmosphere once again becomes unyielding, that zest to go on and work on reaching the targets they’ve set for themselves? Gone. I’ve observed some people sigh as if to say “It wasn’t meant to be”. Others, when the discussion got too heated and really challenged them to change their behavior or aspects of their life – got so relieved – like a weight was lifted off their shoulders.

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Where am I going with this?

“It’s easier said than done,” is a fact. Just a fact. Like how 1+1=2. Fact. It just means that saying “I’m going to wake up at 4AM consistently every day to revise” is easier than actually waking up at 4 to revise. Your words are just the handiwork of your voice box whereas action is driven by other factors: the resisting forces (comfort, sleep) versus how badly you want to reach your goal.

See. It’s a fact.

Do not infer that “easier said than done” is justification for you to do nothing, it’s not a statement that says “You know what here’s a task, it’s hard so I wouldn’t blame you for quitting.” Nope.

When people hear that statement they relax and get complacent because they think that people would understand if they didn’t make it because “it wasn’t easy.”

So when you hear those words don’t be coaxed into thinking its impossible to get where you want to be. It is possible but difficult.

Remember “it’s easier said than done but failure is more difficult to deal with than success”

Again, I could be wrong here, but, after watching a motivational video or being a part of enlightening discussions I feel like I have done the most simply by hearing and agreeing with what was being said. Hearing some good advice and leaving it at that because it is “easier said than done” will not earn you any credit.

I know what it takes to grow my hair after watching a bunch of YouTube tutorials, I know what is expected of me as a Christian after reading the Bible, but if I do not apply it, I will not get anywhere.

James 1:22 Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.