It’s been six months people!

“I can’t blog during the school term I’m busy”

“Oof I have writer’s block I can’t”

“I’ve got many drafts but I can’t post them because they aren’t good enough”

Oh and there’s the 30 day challenge going on this June Zothile. (Releasing one post for every day of this month)

“I can’t release a blog post everyday”

Those two words “I can’t”

Mean: I am not able to, it is not within my means.


That means I’ve been lying to myself. If I managed my time better, shoved people’s opinions out the door, scheduled my posts (because electricity in Zimbabwe is unreliable) and actually put my mind to it – blogging could have been well within my means. I could have been consistent, but I chose otherwise.

I couldn’t have.

I could have, I just chose not to.

Then another argument I’ve raised is look at other bloggers Zothile some have electricity, some are paid to do it, some have better ideas, they are not battling A Level, you’re too young!

No. I’m shoving those excuses out the door.

I’ll counter those lies with this analogy I shared with my classmates two years ago.

A hundred dollars.

Hopes are high that you have a sound grasp of basic mathematics.

There’s many ways to get to $100.

  • 5 twenty-dollar notes
  • 10 ten-dollar notes,
  • 100 one-dollar notes,
  • 10 000 ten cent coins.

When it comes to getting things done some people are a single hundred-dollar bill and with one step they are at $100, others are a fifty-dollar note that has to work twice as hard to get to $100 and some are Washingtons (one-dollar notes)

That means that one-dollar note needs to exert itself fully and be multiplied by one hundred to get to $100. That is a lot of work but it can be done.

J.K Rowling, the author of Harry Potter had her work rejected by many publishers, she was living on welfare, she was a single mom and she’d write on her commute to work. She wasn’t at one hundred then, but her sustained efforts carried her up to >100. Greater than 100.

At the moment I’m a one-dollar note in terms of the scarce resource – time. (School is no joke) but if I manage my time well I can put maintaining my blog on my to-do list and actually tick it off at the end of the day. If I choose to put in the work I can do it. If I choose to be complacent and comfortable then I won’t be able to and you’ll hear “I can’t”

Nelson Mandela said “There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Don’t sink, don’t settle, that’s how you wind up at the bottom of the barrel.

Keep it moving, don’t lose momentum.

And allow me to re introduce myself…

Hey there, I’m Zothile Zulu and I am a sixteen year old living in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. As far as success and achievement go there’s no such thing as “I can’t” it is rather, a case of I can but I chose not to” and hopefully I’ll be making better choices from now on.

Hopes are high that you’ll do the same.