A song by Mountains of the Moon.

It’s 7 minutes and 16 seconds of nothing but pure genius.

I was lost on an escape to love. Untraceable.

So it’s a story about a person who had a problem and instead of confronting said problem they ran away from it. Where did he/she find refuge? In a relationship. They thought bringing in another person to the mix would equate to fighting whatever was ailing them.

Clearly it doesn’t. I heard this from the horse’s mouth. The lyrics go on…

“It’s not the same. Not enough

You and me was like a vivid dream

Why’d you wake me up?

Why’d you wake me up?”

I’m further compelled to think that it isn’t at all a good coping mechanism and in the chorus he/she goes on to say.

“You were my coming down and my solid ground. Paramount.”

Your “demons” can’t always be kept at bay by dragging people into your life to do the fighting. People are so flighty, we cannot and should not be so dependent on them and most importantly, some situations demand that you be the one calling the shots, especially when the war is internal. Our main character knows this, this brings in the bittersweet nature of this relationship: it brings a sense of solace and at the same time it brings great ruin. Why? It’s not a permanent solution; the problem isn’t being directly dealt with.

Distant screams

The biggest lie

What are we if never intertwined?

Forever undefined

Wow. So now our dear specimen is being tossed around by the voice in their mind. It reeks of denial. Denial is saying that without other people we cannot be whole and it’s desperately trying to justify this unstable relationship. Yeah no man is an island but you can’t be extracting your self esteem from people affirming your existence. Did I not mention how flighty people are???

After more powerful lyrics and a very captivating instrumental comes the outro.

Nights are longer now

And I am, I am stronger

Without you. Without you

I have come around

Life is ocean, we were just

Travellers in the bayou

In the bayou

That we outgrew

Truth VS Lies. Truth won and the “quick fix” is gone. Our dear friend is stronger now, he/she abandoned their crutch and went to face their problem head on thus it may have been dark for a while. Well, don’t they say your darkest hour comes before your dawn?

The star of the song has been purged of the delirium that took over them when they made an attempt to run from their problems; they’ve come around.

Ocean. A large body of water with unfathomable depths and myriads of mysteries to unravel.

Bayou. A small body of water typically found in a flat, low-lying area, and can be either an extremely slow-moving stream or river, or a marshy lake or wetland.

We forfeit oceans in our feat to sweep our issues under the carpet.

We confine ourselves a great deal by not stepping up to bury our burdens.

It’s not just people we use to try and eradicate our issues. People’s escapes could be alcohol, drugs and even social media…

Don’t travel in the murky bayou. Don’t do that to yourself.

You deserve oceans.

Feel free to listen to the song while you’re at it.

Bayou – Mountains of the Moon