“Good Winter”

I remember when the scorching hot sun

would smooch the earth and you sought asylum

from the blaze – in the shadows cast by my mighty branches

Away from the burning rays-

You were such great company in summer.

I remember when I was in full bloom and my flowers

were quite the aesthetic.

Flowers, you liked to pick them

And the scent soothed your senses

You were such a heaven sent in spring.

I remember when my supply of flowers and leaves

dwindled subtly

Yes my leaves and flowers

were strewn across the ground,

a carpet of gold, red and brown

but you were doing all the “leaving”

I guess they call Autumn “fall” because that’s when things fell apart

I remember when the frost came by with mighty force,

all you could do was stay indoors.

Branches bare, like talons protruding from underground

and you?

Nowhere to be found

in winter.