One of the things my sister likes repeating is that growth is intentional. Time is beyond our control, whether we intend to or not, as long as we’re alive we’ll grow older. Character building requires thought and effort, its not a passive process like turning a year older.

So it’s no shock when someone at their big age is being told to grow up, sometimes I tend to question whether there is always a correlation between age and maturity.

It’s like caring for a plant or crop, you need to water it, weed it, add mulch, fertilizer, prune it and you may even have to keep it in a greenhouse,
It is so much work and consistency is a must! None of the things on that list are a once-off, so growth is a really hands-on process. If you water a plant once a year and leave it exposed to the elements I’m pretty sure 9 times out of 10 you won’t find that plant alive and kicking the following year.

Or trying to get 4C hair to grow

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You need to consistently moisturize your hair, condition it, wear hair masks, wear protective styles, trim split ends for your hair to grow…

So why do we neglect ourselves? You read yourself positive affirmations once in a blue moon and you’re baffled when nothing comes of it. You practice positive self talk when you feel like it. You don’t read nearly as much as you should…

Mind my harsh, accusatory tone.

And seeing as we’re 8 days away from 2020 I might as well touch on New Years Resolutions.

Most people tend to set goals for themselves and give up on them or forget about achieving them within a couple of weeks into the new year.

(It’s me, I’m most people)

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Growth means following through with things to the bitter end.

For a long time I’d sit and wonder why I’m not where I want to be and its been made clear to me that I didn’t see things through. Making plans and timetables and not following them, reading self-help books and never really applying what I would have read.

Another lovely reality about personal growth is that your progress or regression is determined by you. The external conditions may be unfavorable; there could be a drought, an outbreak of a plague or pest, nutrients leached from the soil…

But you can take active steps to combat those challenges and make sure you achieve your objective. Growth.

Its not easy, it is a challenge at times and sometimes all you can do is survive or stay alive.
But when the dry spell is over it is possible and growth is essential if you’re planning on living a fulfilling life.

Remember growth is intentional.