On the 18th day of April in the year 1980 Zimbabwe received its independence, now when will you receive yours?

One of the many things we fall slave to is the belief that we need approval from other human beings. The fact is that noone should determine who you are or where you’re going save for you. You should not need validation from anyone.

You just don’t know how lovely you are.

You are supposed to see the good in you before anyone else should or can but turbulence obscures the scene. You are supposed to see very clearly than, even without a voice present to tell you you’re enough, you are enough, you are supposed to see that no one should define you…but you know what, insecurity compromises our vision like a cataract.

A life placed in the hands of other people is a life of little joy, if your ailment is self doubt then its a temporary cure, it’s a quick fix that yields frustration in the long-run.

If you live for their acceptance, you die from their rejection – Lecrae.

Don’t hide your face, let the sun caress it and breathe the living air, don’t sweep your problems under the carpet, confront the turbulence that has made residence in your soul.

This is the difficult part, the battle is not against the external forces, instead it’s against yourself. You’re at liberty to choose the day of your independence, how abstract is that? It’s all up to you. Be the marionette your whole life or set yourself free by cutting those strings.