Some people would rather remain in the darkness than be confronted with the unsavoury truth.

Trying to advise such people is like talking to a brick wall. You’d be wasting your breath in a desperate attempt to appeal to them. You’ve warned them once? Walk away. You can take a horse to the river but you cannot force it to drink. We can only do so much. You standing up to address the issue at hand is good enough. Don’t waste a wink of sleep over it because you’ve done all that you could’ve done. Persistent nagging may lead to further resentment. Maybe deep down they are aware that you only intend to help them but many a time they think you are hateful, judgemental and “jealous” for even daring to say anything. They wind up despising you and seeking comfort from those who have the capacity to stomach their repugnant behaviour.
I’ve never been without a flaw, who hasn’t? I also lack the ability to let things like that pass, I for one would stop you dead in your tracks and tell you to take heed of your actions. If you cared about the person wouldn’t you do the same?
These people are often so deluded and have been destroyed and consumed by the choices they’ve made, they fail to overcome the deceit, the pride…and now they have fallen.
You can’t save them all.

Say it louder for the people with Saviour Syndrome.

And I couldn’t help her anymore, I just watched her make the same mistakes again.” – Avril Lavigne